Upon arrival at the clinic, there is some minimal paperwork to complete, so please be sure to bring the following information:

  • Private health insurance card,  Physical Therapy Referral if required.

  • For work-related injuries:  name and address of insurance, Claim number, name and tel number of adjuster.

  • For auto-related injuries:  In addition to private insurance info, must have your auto insurance name and address, Claim number, name and tel number of adjuster.

All patients receive an Initial Evaluation, upon which an individualized treatment plan is created for the patient.  Patients are encouraged to be active in their programs which always include Home Exercises.   Treatments are delivered one-to-one by your therapist.

Your treatment may include:

  • Manual therapy, Range of Motion
  • Therapeutic Exercises, Stretching, Posture Program, Strength Exercises
  • Modalities:  Ultra-sound, Interferential Electric Stimulation, Iontophoresis, Cold Therapy
  • Home Exercise Program

We look forward to helping you with your Physical Therapy needs !!

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